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Clifford Financial Planning, Inc. has been created to provide world class financial planning for individuals and families. We are a full-service, independent, financial planning firm. Our services include advice and direction for all aspects of a person’s financial life to aid in the creation, preservation, and transfer of wealth. To better serve our clients, we have aligned ourselves with experts in complimentary fields that may have a significant impact on one’s ability to meet their goals and those of their family.


One of the primary goals of Clifford Financial Planning, Inc. is to make complex matters simple. Financial planning continues to be a very complicated, multi-faceted endeavor. In an effort to simplify this process, we are focused on increasing our clients understanding, and communicating in a manner that increases confidence in the financial planning procedure. Our role as financial planner for our clients allows them to access our nearly 30 years of experience, as well as the many professional relationships we have established with specialists in supporting fields.


Clifford Financial Planning, Inc. was created with one mission: to see individuals, families, and business owners achieve financial independence.


Financial independence is created through identifying and addressing those areas of one’s financial life that, if left unattended, could have dire consequences. Identifying, managing, and eliminating one’s debt is paramount.  Protecting those assets that cannot afford to be replaced is covered with insurance as appropriate. Establishing the safety net of emergency cash reserves, and creating or increasing investment accounts will all serve to construct the foundation upon which financial independence is built.