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Meet Our Advisors

As a full-service, independent, financial planning firm, our team concentrates on developing financial freedom and abundance for our clients.

Russell Clifford, CFP(R), CDFA(R), is the founder and president of Clifford Financial Planning, Inc. Russell has nearly 30 years of experience helping clients achieve financial freedom. He created Clifford Financial Planning, Inc. to help our clients achieve personal financial independence with strategies designed to reduce their taxes and increase their income. Together, Russell and his staff help clients meet a variety of financial needs.

Over the years, Russell has discovered that personal finance is more personal than financial; he meets people at the intersection of money and life. One consistent trait that he finds among people is that financial stress is not determined by one’s net worth. Frequently, many of the wealthiest people have the greatest degree of stress about their wealth. Financial peace is important to all people, across all spectrums of life: age, gender, race, religion, and so on.

Russell started in the financial services industry in 1989. He has successfully built his company into a fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm, situated in the Redwood Empire. Russell is a published author of industry articles and blogs; the past host of a very popular regional radio talk show; and has taught hundreds of families, individuals, and business owners, how to achieve financial freedom. Russell holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from the King’s University.

Russell and his wife of more than 30 years, Terry, reside in Santa Rosa. Together, they have two adult children who are married, and four beautiful grandchildren. He has enjoyed many roles in life: husband, father, pastor, teacher, mentor. But by far his that of Papa to his grandbabies. Russell believes it is his calling to help people become financially free.